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Which instrument is used to measure humidity?
a) Sling Psychrometer
b) Barometer
c) Rain Gauge
d) Thermometer

Which instrument measures wind speed and direction?
a) Anemometer and Wind Vane
b) Anemometer and Barometer
c) Wind Vane and Barometer
d) Wind Vane and Sling Psychrometer

The barometer indicates that the air pressure is rising. What would you expect the weather to be like?
a) Clear and dry
b) Cloudy and humid
c) Cloudy and dry
d) Clear and humid

The outside temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and you observe nimbostratus clouds. It is not windy at all. What type of precipitation is MOST likely to fall? .
a) Snow
b) Rain
c) Drizzle
d) Fog

When air near the ground is cooled to its dew point, it forms a stratus cloud called
a) fog
b) Stratocumulus
c) Nimbostratus
d) Cumulonimbus

Robert wants to measure the amount of rain that falls in his backyard during a thunderstorm Which instrument should he use?
a) Rain Gauge
b) Sling Psychrometer
c) Thermometer
d) Barometer

Which type of precipitation occurs when rain freezes on a solid surface?
a) Freezing Rain
b) Sleet
c) Snow
d) Hail

Which type of heat transfer causes MOST of the heating in the troposphere?
a) Convection
b) Conduction
c) Radiation
d) Reflection

What causes winds?
a) Differences in air pressure
b) Warm Fronts
c) Cold Fronts
d) Stationary Fronts

Which two factors describe a MARITIME TROPICAL AIR MASS?
a) Warm and humid
b) Cool and dry
c) Cool and humid
d) Warm and dry

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