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Review For Chemistry Quarter Final.[print questions]

Anything that is sold for use at home can be poured down the drain or thrown away.
a) true
b) false

We don't eat or drink during lab because some chemicals are
a) flammable
b) toxic
c) biohazardous
d) safe

If you combine 4g of phosphorus with 5 g of oxygen how much phosphorus oxide will you get?
a) 1 g
b) 20 g
c) 0.8 g
d) 9g

Water has the formula H2O. What can be concluded about its structure?
a) It is an atom made of two elements.
b) It is an atom made of three elements
c) It is a molecule made of two elements.
d) It is a molecule made of three elements.

Students mixed copper chloride and sodium hydrogen sulfate. How do we know a chemical reaction occurred?
a) It changed color and became cold.
b) New atoms were created.
c) New atoms were created.

The name for group 18 is
a) Transition Metals
b) Lanthanoids
c) Alkali Metals
d) Nobel Gases

Periods are
a) columns
b) groups
c) rows

All elements in a family share common
a) masses
b) atomic numbers
c) symbols
d) properties

If the mass of the products is GREATER than the reactants, what likely happened?
a) The chemical reaction created new atoms.
b) Someone measured wrong!
c) The world is coming to an end.
d) The law of conservation of mass is NOT true.

Jesse is drawing a model of a Carbon atom. What will she put in the center?
a) 6 neutrons
b) 6 protons
c) 6 electrons

An element has a gray metal color, but has properties of both metals and nonmetals. Where on the Periodic Table will it be found?
a) to the left
b) on the stairstep
c) to the right
d) in Group 1

Students mixed aluminum and copper chloride. How do we know a chemical reaction occurred?
a) The total mass was reduced.
b) The total mass increased.
c) Nothing happened.
d) Bubbles of gas formed.

Most elements are in what state at room temperature?
a) liquid
b) solid
c) gas

Based on its place on the Periodic Table, which element is most like Neon (Ne)?
a) Helium (He)
b) Uranium (U)
c) Lithium (Li)
d) Oxygen (O)

A Neutron has
a) a positive charge
b) a negative charge
c) no charge

How is NaCl different from Na and Cl?
a) They have different masses.
b) They have different weights.
c) They have different properties.
d) Nothing. They are exactly the same.

The atomic NUMBER equals
a) the number of neutrons in the nucleus
b) the number of protons in the nucleus
c) the number of electrons in the nucleus

Using a Periodic Table what element has 36 electrons?
a) chlorine
b) fluorine
c) iodine
d) krypton

In an atom the electron is located
a) in energy levels around the nucleus
b) in the nucleus
c) with the protons
d) with the neutrons

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