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What are the four materials that make up soil?
a) rock fragments
b) organic matter
c) air and water
d) all of these

the dark, organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals
a) humus - horizon O
b) vegetation - horizon V
c) bedrock - horizon R
d) parent rock/regolith - horizon C

Which of the following are examples of microorganisms?
a) bacteria
b) fungi
c) burrowing animals
d) both bacteria and fungi

the solid layer of rock beneath the soil ; the source of inorganic soil particles
a) bedrock/parent rock - horizon R
b) topsoil - horizon A
c) subsoil - horizon B
d) litter - horizon O

the process by which water, wind, ice, and temperature changes break down rock
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) depostion
d) vegetation

the process in which rock is physically broken into smaller pieces; the breakdown of rock by physical changes(changes in size, shape, state)
a) mechanical weathering
b) chemical weathering

the process in which rock is broken down by chemical changes; the breaking down of rock by changing their chemical composition
a) mechanical weathering
b) chemical weathering

an organism that breaks down the remains of dead plants and animals
a) decomposer
b) recomposer
c) composer
d) deposition

a loose mixture of rock fragments, organic material, water, and air that can support the growth of vegetation
a) soil
b) rock
c) minerals
d) decomposer

a) animals
b) plants
c) minerals
d) rocks

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