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The role of producers in an ecosystem is to
a) convert plants into food
b) convert the sun's energy into food.
c) eat other animals for food
d) break down dead and waste matter.

In ALL food webs the initial source of energy is
a) the sun
b) plants
c) animals

Which of these photosynthesize?
a) consumers
b) decomposers
c) scavengers
d) producers

A food web shows the flow of _______________________ in an ecosystem.
a) energy
b) food
c) waste
d) people

In a food web which would be a consumer?
a) grass
b) dog
c) rosebush
d) apple tree

The role of producers in an ecosystem is to
a) convert the sun's energy into food.
b) convert plants into food
c) eat other animals for food
d) break down dead and waste matter.

What is the major difference between plants and animals?
a) Plants make their own food, while animals must eat other organisms.
b) Plants get food from the soil, while animals eat plants.
c) Animals are alive, plants are not.

Sean wants to know if he can water his plants with sea water. Which could be a hypothesis for his experiment?
a) The amount of sunlight can affect plant growth.
b) The type of soil can affect plant growth.
c) The type of water can affect plant growth.

Scientists collect information by making
a) hypotheses
b) opinions
c) observations
d) infererences

Which set of data would be best displayed on a bar graph?
a) population change over time
b) the distance a car travels over time
c) different colors
d) data that compares the heights of different students

A line graph shows
a) comparisons
b) pictures
c) change that occurs over time.

Without the sun, which of these things could no longer occur?
a) convert energy to food
b) eat other organisms
c) break down dead and waste matter.

a) predation
b) production
c) decomposition
d) photosynthesis

The main reason some invasive species survive and overpopulate an area is that
a) there is not enough food to eat.
b) there are no natural predators in the area
c) almost all organisms do survive.

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