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Which is a synonym for monotone?
a) emotionless
b) excited
c) lively
d) emotional

Which of these is an antonym for unique?
a) ordinary
b) rare
c) uncommon
d) exclusive

Which is an antonym for solo?
a) accompanied
b) individual
c) unaccompanied
d) alone

sun : solar :: moon : ?
a) lunar
b) crescent
c) waxing
d) satellite

? : play :: solo : opera
a) monologue
b) dialogue
c) narrator
d) scenes

We all sang the school's song in _____ at the pep rally before the game.
a) unison
b) solo
c) monotone
d) harmony

? : mythology :: space alien : science fiction
a) unicorn
b) UFO
c) elephant
d) hero

Which is a synonym for unify?
a) combine
b) separate
c) divide
d) disconnect

Which is an antonym for solitude?
a) companionship
b) privacy
c) seclusion
d) isolation

Which is an antonym for monotonous?
a) eventful
b) boring
c) repetitious
d) dull

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