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What is the title of our story?
a) The crow and the pitcher
b) The cat and mouse
c) The crocodile and rabbit
d) the lion and mouse

. What is the weather in the story?
a) Rainy day
b) Summer day
c) Winter day
d) spring day

Its hot im thirsty I need to find Water who said this line?
a) Crow
b) Lion
c) Monkey
d) Rabbit

What kind of thing in our story its neck is very narrow?
a) Pitcher
b) Pencil
c) Paper
d) Shoes

What idea come from crow so that he can drink water?
a) He picked up some small stones
b) go to another place to find water
c) He call other animals
d) He eat only

What did he do after he picked up some stones?
a) He dropped the stones one by one in the pitcher
b) He throw away the stones
c) give the stones to animals
d) He eat the stones

What happened when the crow drops one by one the stone in the pitcher?
a) The water rise in the pitcher
b) Nothing happened
c) The other animals come
d) The water become juice

After the water rise in the pitcher what happened next?
a) The crow can drink now the water
b) The crow cannot drink the water
c) The animals drink the water
d) The crow go another place

Is the crow satisfy to the water
a) Yes
b) No
c) Maybe
d) Maybe No

Ah its cold and good who said this line?
a) Crow
b) Lion
c) Crocodile
d) Rabbit

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