Seventh Grade Integrated Science Standard 5, Objective 3 Review Utah Question Preview (ID: 30158)

Review For St 5 Ob 3 Utah.[print questions]

What types of organisms are classified as being neither a plant nor an animal?
a) organisms with no brain
b) organisms with no backbone
c) organisms with characteristics of both
d) organisms without characteristics of either

What makes a fungus (like a mushroom) difficult to classify?
a) it looks like a plant but gathers energy like an animal
b) it looks like an animal but gathers energy like a plant
c) it moves like an animal but reproduces like a plant
d) it cannot be observed during the day because it grows in the dark.

A single-celled pond organism swims freely and contains green chloroplasts. How is it classified?
a) as a plant
b) as an animal
c) as neither a plant or animal
d) as both a plant and an animal

In which Kingdom are all members single-celled?
a) Plant
b) Animal
c) Fungi
d) Monera

An organism that is multi-cellular and can make its own food would be in which kingdom?
a) Plant
b) Animal
c) Fungi
d) Protista

Which characteristics best identify an animal?
a) need water to survive, are single celled.
b) rely on energy from other organisms, can move
c) reproduce, can make energy from sunlight.
d) multi-cellular, cells contain no nucleus

Which of the following is a characteristic of bacteria only?
a) multicellular
b) no nucleus
c) cannot move
d) single-celled

Early thinkers divided all things into Earth, wind or fire. Why is this classification system no longer used?
a) we have more information than early people
b) wind is not a substance
c) Earth cannot be classified
d) early people did not accurately observe the world

For many years, scientists divided living things into three kingdoms. Now most scientists accept five or six. How can scientific knowledge change?
a) there really were five kingdoms so the old view was incorrect.
b) scientists changed the number when new information was discovered.
c) the accepted number can vary according to what part of the world you are living in.
d) the number of kingdoms can vary according to how many animals live in the world.

The monera and protists were kingdoms added most recently to scientific classification systems. What helped scientists learn more about them?
a) when scientists learned that all life on Earth was related.
b) when it became clear monerans and protists caused disease
c) when all the information about the other kingdoms was found.
d) when new microscopes allowed viewing of very small organisms.

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