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Who posted the 95 thesis?
a) John Clavin
b) Martin Luther
c) John Wesley
d) King Henry the VIII

What was Martin Luther mainly protesting?
a) The Crusades
b) The Printing Press
c) Indulgences
d) Communion

What means to reward someone an undeserving position?
a) Nepotism
b) Heratic
c) Indulgence
d) Sacrament

What were indulgences?
a) Buying to forgive your sins
b) Having a relative get into a position
c) To kick someone out of the Church
d) A belief that It's already determined where you are going when you die

What was Martin Luther hoping for when he created the 95 thesis?
a) To become famous
b) To create a new Church
c) To destroy the Catholic Church
d) To get the Church to change

Which is not a Protestant Church?
a) Baptist
b) Catholic
c) Methodist
d) Presbeterian

Where was Martin Luther placed on trial?
a) Diet of Worms
b) Council of Trent
c) Meeting of Rome
d) The ides of March

What invention made the publishing of the printing press spread rapidly?
a) Compass
b) Car
c) Printing Press
d) Gun Powder

Which was not a result of Martin Luther posting the 95 thesis?
a) The Catholic Church changed
b) Martin Luther became a saint
c) Protestant Churches began to form
d) Violence broke out between followers of Martin Luther and the Catholic Church

Where was Martin Luther from?
a) Italy
b) England
c) France
d) Germany

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