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Koalas are animals that live in Australia. They looked a little bit like small bears. ( What word(s) can you use in place of LOOKED)
a) look
b) looked
c) looks
d) looking

When koalas look like bears, they are not bears! ( What word(s) should be used in place of WHEN)
a) Furthermore
b) However
c) Although
d) if

Koalas do not wag there tails, because they do not have tails at all. ( What word(s) should be used in place of THERE)
a) there
b) they are
c) they're
d) their

You have probably seen pictures of koalas. ( What word(s) could you use in place of SEEN)
a) saw
b) seen
c) see
d) sees

Koalas are herbivores. Which means they eat only plants. (What's the best way to write?)
a) herbivores. Which
b) herbivores which
c) herbivores, which
d) herbivores, Which

Koalas live in wild in Australia, since you can see them in zoos around the world. ( What word should be used in place of SINCE)
a) since
b) therefore
c) hence
d) but

Koalas are knowne to sleep a lot. (What word (s) could be used in place of KNOWNE)
a) now
b) know
c) known
d) none

Koalas sleep a lot. But they eat a lot. ( What link can be used instead of BUT)
a) But
b) In addition
c) So
d) Although

The older koala on the record was 23 years old. ( What word(s) should be used in place of OLDER)
a) most old
b) oldest
c) older
d) old

Koala's are very popular animals. ( What word(s) should you use in place of KOALA'S)
a) Koala's
b) Koala
c) Koalas
d) Koalas's

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