7th EVI Test For LA For 3/18 And Science For 3/11 Question Preview (ID: 30150)

7th Grade ELA And Science Food Web.[print questions]

A movie
a) film
b) figurative language
c) falling action
d) fact

Language that goes beyond the literal meaning of the words.
a) falling action
b) fact
c) figurative language
d) film

A story that is not true or is made up.
a) falling action
b) fiction
c) figurative language
d) film

In the plot, this action occurs after the climax, when conflicts are resolved and problems are solved.
a) falling action
b) figurative language
c) fact
d) fiction

A statment that an be proven.
a) fiction
b) falling action
c) figurative language
d) fact

An organism that hunts and kills other organisms for a source of food is called a .
a) predator
b) consumer
c) hervbior
d) carnivor

An organism that cannot make its own food energy and has to obtain its food energy from other sources is called a , also known as a heterotroph.
a) autotroph
b) consumer
c) producer
d) decomposer

When organisms live and work together in the same place, this is referred to as .
a) co-existance
b) habitat
c) niche
d) cooperation

, such as bacteria and fungi, are organisms that breakdown the remains of once living things.
a) producer
b) consumer
c) decomposer
d) scavenger

Any benefical interaction between organisms that live in a shared area or habitat is known as .
a) niche
b) cooperation
c) co-existance
d) symbiosis

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