Gr. 7-8 US History: GREAT DEPRESSION 2 Question Preview (ID: 30149)

US History: Great Depression 2nd Set Of Vocab (New Deal, Dust Bowl, Etc).[print questions]

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 help organized labor (labor unions) by
a) giving the government control over industry
b) guaranteeing workers the right to collective bargaining
c) banning the closed shop in the workplace
d) requiring all workers to join a union

What is collective bargaining?
a) a process of negotiation between workers and employers
b) a process of deal making at a farmer's market
c) a process of negotiation between a store and its supplier
d) a process of debating between political candidates

Which federal agency, created during the New Deal, was intended to prevent serious problems in the stock market?
a) Social Security Administration
b) Works Progress Administration
c) Agricultural Adjustment Administration
d) Securities and Exchange Commission

How many times was Franklin Roosevelt elected President?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 12

This agency was created to protect the rights of employees and employers and to encourage collective bargaining and negotiations between workers and companies.
a) National Labor Relations Board
b) Federal Trade Commission
c) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
d) Securities and Exchange Commission

During the 1930's, the Great Plains suffered a terrible drought and the topsoil blew away. This caused 40,000 to leave for other areas, especially California. This is called...?
a) The Great Depression
b) The Free Market
c) The Great Drought
d) The Dust Bowl

What is a labor union?
a) a marriage based on the birth of a child
b) an organized group of workers, often in a trade or profession, formed to protect the rights and interests of the group
c) a government organization designed to supervise and monitor all business activity of a profession or industry
d) an organized group of police officers, formed to serve and protect the public

Created in 1935, this law provided some financial support to the elderly, disable children, and the unemployed.
a) Welfare
b) Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
c) Social Security Act (SSA)
d) The Elderly, Disabled, and Unemployed Helping Act (EDUHA)

This labor union placed workers in groups based on industry (type of job) rather than by level of skill.
a) Congress of Industrial Organizations
b) Workers United
c) American Federation of Teachers
d) United Auto Workers

What was the primary goal of the Works Progress Administration (WPA)?
a) Supporting US farms
b) Making laws for banking
c) Preventing a future depression
d) Creating new jobs

This program hired people to build dams and generators, creating both jobs and electricity.
a) Works Progress Administration (WPA)
b) Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
c) Social Security Administration (SSA)
d) New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG)

Franklin Roosevelt used to speak directly to US citizens through a series radio speeches called...?
a) Rapping with Roosevelt
b) State of the Union
c) Presidential Talks
d) The Fireside Chats

Which president created the New Deal?
a) Theodore Roosevelt
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Franklin Roosevelt
d) George Washington

What was the New Deal?
a) a set of government programs created to help the US come out of the Great Depression
b) a set of government programs designed to defeat the Nazis
c) a secret agreement that allowed Franklin Roosevelt to serve 4 terms as president
d) a set of amendments to the US Constitution

The Social Security Act (1935) helped American workers by
a) creating jobs
b) guaranteeing a minimum wage
c) legalizing labor unions
d) providing financial assistance after retirement

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