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US History: Great Depression Vocab.[print questions]

What are stocks?
a) A purchased certificate that gives a person magical powers
b) A winning lottery ticket
c) A purchased certificate that gives a person part-ownership of a company
d) A purchased certificate that gives a person access to Wall Street

When you borrow money from a bank or a person, you typically must pay the money back with an added cost. What is this added cost called?
a) Debt
b) Interest
c) Credit
d) Stocks

Who was the President during the Great Depression?
a) Franklin Roosevelt
b) Herbert Hoover
c) Barack Obama
d) Calvin Coolidge

When was the Great Depression?
a) 1900-2000
b) 1776-1789
c) 1929-1939
d) 1861-1865

The ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future is called...?
a) Stocks
b) Awesome
c) Layaway
d) Credit

Which of the following is NOT an example of credit?
a) Using a Visa or Mastercard to purchase groceries
b) Getting a loan to buy a car
c) Paying for something with cash when you buy it.
d) Going to a bank for a mortgage on a house

The ups and downs in the economy over time is called the...?
a) Economic Rollercoaster
b) Great Depression
c) Business Cycle
d) Mood Swings

What was the Great Depression?
a) a huge hole in the middle of New Mexico caused by a meteor
b) the deepest and longest-lasting period of sadness in the United States
c) the highest and longest-lasting economic growth in the history of the United States
d) the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the United States

Who were the Bonus Army?
a) a group of Wall Street traders who got bonuses causing the Stock Market to crash
b) a group of World War I veterans who demanded payment of their military bonuses
c) a group of Walmart greeters who got a raise
d) a group of World War II soldiers who wanted more money

When was 'Black Tuesday'?
a) October 29, 1929
b) My Birthday
c) July 4, 1776
d) December 7, 1941

When someone purchases stocks on credit, with borrowed money, it is called?
a) Buying on Margin
b) Lending
c) Trading
d) Foolish

What was 'Black Tuesday'?
a) The best shopping day of the year
b) The day the stock market crashed
c) The day World War II started
d) The day Herbert Hoover was elected

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