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If 50 grams of sodium reacts with Cl to form 126 grams of salt. How many grams of Cl reacted?
a) 76 grams of Cl
b) 80 grams of Cl
c) 50 grams of Cl
d) 0 grams of Cl

If 20 grams of Al reacts with 200 grams of bromide, according to the Law of Conservation of Mass, how many grams of aluminum bromide should be produced?
a) 180 grams
b) 220 grams
c) 400 grams
d) 20 grams

If 178.8 g of water is separated into hydrogen and oxygen gas, and the hydrogen gas has a mass of 20 g. What is the mass of oxygen produced?
a) 158.8 g
b) 198.8 g
c) 200 g
d) 150 g

A 10 gram sample of Mg reacts with oxygen to form 16 g of MgO. How many grams of oxygen reacted?
a) 16 g
b) 26 g
c) 6 g
d) 60 g

Which type of system is best for observing the Law of Conservation of Mass?
a) open
b) closed
c) both
d) neither

If a chemical reaction such as photosynthesis begins with 6 atoms of C, how many atoms of C should be present in the products?
a) 12 atoms
b) 2 atoms
c) 20 atoms
d) 6 atoms

If a reaction produces 24 atoms of oxygen, how many atoms of oxygen were present before the reaction?
a) 48 atoms
b) 24 atoms
c) 20 atoms
d) none the oxygen was created

If 10 atoms of K react with 30 atoms of Cl, how many total atoms of KCl will be present in the products?
a) 20 atoms
b) 15 atoms
c) 40 atoms
d) 300 atoms

If 17 grams of K react with 12 grams of Br, what will be the mass of KBr produced?
a) 5 grams
b) 29 grams
c) 10 grams
d) 30 grams

The Law of Conservation of Mass states that mass can ...
a) can be created and destroyed
b) be lost or gained
c) can only be conserved in a closed system
d) cannot be created or destroyed

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