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Science 7.[print questions]

Male gametes are ______________.
a) testes
b) sperm
c) ovaries
d) tiestis

Female gametes are ______________.
a) testes
b) ovaries
c) sperm
d) eggs or ovum

Sex cells are called __________________.
a) gonads
b) gametes
c) zygotes
d) reproductive cells

Produces adrenaline for the fight or flight response
a) thymus
b) hypothalamus
c) adrenal gland
d) thyroid gland

Affects the proper functioning of a person's metabolism
a) hypothalamus
b) pineal body
c) pituitary gland
d) thyroid gland

Produces and releases hormones into the bloodstream
a) adrenal glands
b) thyroid gland
c) parathyroid glands
d) endocrine glands

What is the sequence for the example of negative feedback to maintain homeostasis starting at the topand moving in a clockwise direction?
a) Body temp. normal-temp decreases-Body sweats-temp.decreases
b) temp. increases-Body sweats-temp. decreases-Body temp. normal
c) Body sweats-temp. decreases-Body temp. normal-temp.increases
d) temp. decreases-Body temp. normal- temp. increases-Body sweats

Human pregnancy lasts for what amount of time?
a) 7 mos.
b) 10 mos.
c) 9 mos.
d) 8 mos.

Controls many of the body's activities as well as long-term changes like development and consists of 11 glands
a) female reproductive system
b) endocrine system
c) male reproductive system
d) nervous system

Sex organs are ________________.
a) zygotes
b) sperm cells
c) gamates
d) gonads

Female gonads are ________________.
a) ovaries
b) ovum
c) eggs
d) zygote

Male gonads are _____________.
a) testes
b) sperm fluid
c) sperm cells
d) semen

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