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When a person's poor health condition is caused by not consuming enough necessary nutrients, it is called...?
a) Famine
b) Krohn's Disease
c) Irritable Bowel Syndrome
d) Malnutrition

This type of farming does not use a lot of energy, pesticides, fertilizer, and water.
a) High-Input Farming
b) Low-Output Farming
c) Low-Input Farming
d) High-Output Farming

Which term means widespread food shortage?
a) Famine
b) Drought
c) Erosion
d) Pest

What is the name for soil that can support rapid growth of healthy plants?
a) Arid Soil
b) Fertile Soil
c) Dirt
d) Magma

What is erosion?
a) The slow loss of hair atop a teacher's hair
b) The wearing away of magma by continuous eruption of volcanoes
c) The wearing away of topsoil by wind or water
d) The slow regrowth of trees after clear cutting

What is a drought?
a) A period when rainfall is less than the average, causing crop failure.
b) A period when rainfall is less than the average, causing crop surpluses
c) A period when rainfall is more than the average, causing crop failure
d) A period when rain drops keep falling on my head

The process where land deteriorates to the point that it is dry and barren is called...?
a) Urbanization
b) Droughts
c) Reforestation
d) Desertification

Fertile land that can be plowed to grow crops is called...?
a) Arable Land
b) Desert
c) Rainforest
d) Wilderness

Pest control that uses living organisms or naturally produced chemicals is called...?
a) Synthetic Pest Control
b) Biological Pest Control
c) Nuclear Pest Control
d) Pathological Pest Control

This procedure involves planting seeds in the slits cut into the soil through the remains of the previous crop.
a) Low-input Farming
b) No-Till Farming
c) Sharecropping
d) Hobby Farming

A plant grown as food, such as a grain, fruit, or vegetable, is called a ...?
a) Vegetation
b) Thistle
c) Crop
d) Vine

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