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A ___ is a rush of water that flows rapidly back to sea through a narrow opening in a sand bar.
a) rip current
b) tide
c) wave
d) tidal pool

What is the most abundant salt in the ocean?
a) potassium
b) sodium chloride
c) soduim
d) magnesium

Which has the least difference between the high and low tides?
a) Spring
b) Lunar
c) Solar
d) Neap

_____ also called freezing rain, forms when rain falls through freezing air.
a) Snow
b) Hail
c) Sleet
d) Ice

_______ clouds are puffy, white, with flat bottoms.
a) cumulus
b) cirrus
c) stratus
d) nimbus

____ clouds form in thin layers covering much of the sky.
a) cumulus
b) cirrus
c) stratus
d) cumulonimbus

____ clouds are thin, feathery clouds that form at high altitudes
a) cumulus
b) cirrus
c) stratus
d) cumulonimbus

Solid precipitation that falls as lumps of ice are known as _______
a) Hail
b) Snow
c) Sleet
d) Rain

A ______ air mass forms over water
a) continental
b) maritime

A _____ air mass forms over a cold region.
a) tropical
b) polar

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