7th Grade Chapter 5 Question Preview (ID: 30134)

Chapter 5.[print questions]

What are the two factors that scientist classify climate regions?
a) Temperature and Weather
b) Temperature and Climate
c) Precipitation and Weather
d) Precipitation and Temperature

What is the average year after year conditions of temperature, wind, precipitation in an area?
a) climate
b) weather
c) atmosphere
d) gas

The zone that is closest to the equator and receives the most sunlight.
a) tropical zone
b) temperate zone
c) polar zone
d) arctic zone

Zone that extends from 66.5-90 north and south latitudes
a) polar zone
b) temperate zone
c) tropical zones
d) arctic zones

What is the zone between 23.5-66.5 north and south a latitude?
a) temperate zone
b) tropical zone
c) polar zone
d) arctic zone

What factor does not affect temperature
a) distance from plains
b) latitude
c) altitude
d) distance from large body of water

Which is NOT a factor that affects precipitation.
a) prevailing waters
b) prevailing winds
c) mountain ranges
d) seasonal winds

What side of the mountain does the wind hit on?
a) windward
b) leeward
c) southware
d) northward

Which is not a climate region?
a) Wet
b) Dry
c) Polar
d) Highlands

Which climate region is hot and receives lots of rainfall
a) tropical rainy
b) Polar
c) Temperate Marine
d) Temperate Continental

Which climate region does most of Nebraska lie in?
a) Temperate Continental
b) Polar
c) Dry
d) Temperate marine

Which climate region receives less the 25cm of precipitation/year
a) dry
b) polar
c) tropical rainy
d) highlands

Which is a factor that scientist use to learn about past climates?
a) tree rings
b) movements of continents
c) soil
d) types of rocks

Which is NOT a factor that is part of natural climate change?
a) Carbon Dioxide levels
b) movement of continents
c) earths position
d) solar energy

Burning of these increase carbon dioxide levels
a) Fossil Fuels
b) Wood
c) Money
d) Schools

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