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Gina has 20 groups of 10 pencils. 137 are sharpened. How many dull pencils does Gina have?
a) 200 dull pencils
b) 137 dull pencils
c) 63 dull pencils
d) 83 dull pencils

Mary made 156 bracelets to sell at the fair. She sold 46 bracelets on Saturday, and 78 bracelets on Sunday. How many bracelets does she have left to sell?
a) 124 bracelets
b) 110 bracelets
c) 78 bracelets
d) 32 bracelets

Adam uses 7 pieces of paper each day at school for one week. How many sheets of paper does Adam use in all?
a) 12 pieces of paper
b) 35 pieces of paper
c) 2 pieces of paper
d) 49 pieces of paper

Jada bought 1 eraser for 24 cents and 3 pencils for 5 cents each. How much did Jada spend?
a) 39 cents
b) 27 cents
c) 29 cents
d) 32 cents

Ryan is 6 years old. How many candles has Ryan had on all of his birthday cakes? Remember, he's had 6 birthdays!
a) 12 candles
b) 36 candles
c) 21 candles
d) 15 candles

Andrew wants to run 75 miles this month. The first week he ran 15 miles. The second week he ran 37 miles. How many miles does he have left to run?
a) 60 miles
b) 38 miles
c) 26 miles
d) 23 miles

Lilly bought a package with 345 stickers in it. She made 8 sticker books with 4 stickers in each book. How many stickers did she have left?
a) 337 stickers
b) 313 stickers
c) 333 stickers
d) 345 stickers

Perry scored 3 goals worth 2 points each in a game. Pat scored 8 goals worth 2 points each in the same game. How many points did the y score in all?
a) 22 points
b) 15 points
c) 14 points
d) 11 points

Tim grew 35 pumpkins and 30 watermelons, but the rabbits ate 15 pumpkins. How many pumpkins does Tim have left?
a) 5 pumpkins
b) 20 pumpkins
c) 50 pumpkins

Ben and D'angelo went fishing. They each caught 11 fish. For dinner, they each ate 2 fish. How many fish do Ben and D'angelo have now?
a) 22 fish
b) 20 fish
c) 18 fish
d) 9 fish

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