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If someone has Medicare B, what must the consumer pay for services?
a) 20% of the total cost
b) $5.00 co-pay
c) a premium, a deductible, and 20%
d) a flat fee of $500.00

Tri-care is for:
a) elderly
b) unemployed
c) military
d) people with low income

Medicare is for:
a) mentally ill
b) the elderly
c) the poor
d) terminally ill

A person who is blind is eligible for what type of state-administered assistance program?
a) HMO
b) PPO
c) Medicare
d) Medicaid

Mrs. Carter must pay $15.00 each time she visits her doctor. The payment is called:
a) premium
b) co-payment
c) deductible
d) revolving payment

Managed care networks are required to provide quality care
a) within 24 hours
b) for clients who pay their bills
c) at lowest cost possible
d) and friendly service

The amount of money that must be paid by the patient for medical services before the policy begins to pay is the:
a) deductible
b) tax
c) PPO
d) collateral

Type of insurance where employees are restricted to specific hospitals or doctors is:
a) Private health Insurance
b) BCBS of NC
c) PPO
d) deductible

Worker's Compensation is administered by the:
a) Federal Government
c) State
d) County

What does HMO stand for?
a) Human Medical Organization
b) Health and Medical Opportunities
c) Health Maintenance Organization
d) Human Maintenance Organization

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