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What are the four phases of mitosis in order?
a) metaphase, interphase, cytokinesis
b) prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
c) prophase, metaphase, telophase, S phase
d) S phase, interphase, metaphase, telophase

What is another name for the gametes?
a) Sex cells
b) Body cells
c) Somatic cells
d) Autosomes

How are traits passed to offspring?
a) Through their body cells
b) Through their somatic cells
c) Through their gametes
d) Through their autosomes

Why do the chromosomes line up down the middle during metephase?
a) To ensure they do not divide and stay together
b) They go through S phase to ensure they copy properly
c) The DNA codes for all proteins and this ensures that they divide
d) To ensure that they will divide equally to each new cell

Where in the cell does replication of DNA take place?
a) In the nucleus
b) In the mitochondria
c) In the ribosome
d) In the cytoplasm

How does the DNA in meiosis differ from the original DNA?
a) The DNA is identical and codes for all traits
b) The DNA contains certain chemicals that change it
c) The chromosomes share DNA in a process called crossing over therefore they are all different
d) The DNA replicates then transcribes then transcripts

How many cells are created through the process of meiosis?
a) 4 genetically identical cells
b) 4 genetically different cells
c) 2 identical cells
d) 2 kind of the same cells

When do cells go through mitosis?
a) After interphase
b) During S phase
c) After metaphase
d) During G1

What is involved in interphase?
a) Cytokinesis, S phase, metaphse
b) Growth, splicing, cleaving
c) growth, rest, replication, getting ready to divide
d) Prophase, metaphse, anaphase, telophase

How do you like these assessments?
a) Great
b) Nope
c) OK
d) Yeh

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