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An Example of a government hospital is:
a) Womack Army Hospital
b) Pitt Memorial
c) Duke University Medical Center
d) Newton Grove Mental Hospital

What type of LTCF functions as a bridge between hospital and home?
a) extended care facility
b) nursing home
c) Assisted Living Facility
d) Geriatric home

Janice was severely burned. Where would she be transferred to for continued care:
a) rehabilitation facility
b) mental health facility
c) industrial health center
d) medical office

A worker at Smithfield's Packing Company cuts his hand with a knife. Where does he go first?
a) industrial health care center
b) rehabilitation center
c) mental health facility
d) medical office

Which statement is true for most medical offices?
a) Services include examination, diagnosis and treatment
b) They specialize in certain illnesses
c) They are privately owned by a single doctor
d) They do not accept any form of health insurance

Most small town hospitals are classified as:
a) General
b) Specialty
c) Government
d) University Medical Centers

What diagnosis is most common among hospice patients?
a) cancer
b) smallpox
c) multiple sclerosis
d) pneumonia

What can a patient do at a hospital that they cannot doe at a clinic?
a) spend the night
b) have minor surgery
c) see a physical therapist
d) receive care for a specific disease

Duke's Children Hospital is an example of :
a) Specialty hospital
b) Government hospital
c) General Hospital
d) College medical center

If you have trouble reading the newspaper, you would visit:
a) Optical center
b) Emergency room
c) dental office
d) surgical center

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