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Hibernation and migration occur in places that have a cold _______.
a) Climate
b) Shelter
c) Instinct
d) Oxygen

When one animal looks like another to protect itself, this adaptation is called _____.
a) Mimicry
b) Camouflage
c) Metamorphosis
d) Instinct

The young of many insects and amphibians change to adults by going through a process called
a) Metamorphosis
b) Migration
c) Mimicry
d) Camouflage

A bird that eats meat would have a __________ beak.
a) Sharp, strong/thick
b) short, dull
c) long, curved
d) short, stubby

A bird that drinks nectar from inside flowers would have a __________ beak.
a) long, curved
b) short, stubby
c) short, dull
d) sharp, strong/thick

A snowshoe hare is an example of animal with
a) camouflage
b) instinct
c) metamorphosis
d) mimicry

A walking stick is an example of animal that uses _____ to survive.
a) mimicry
b) camouflage
c) instinct
d) learned behavior

A tiger uses _________ to hide from its prey.
a) camouflage
b) mimicry
c) shelter
d) hibernation

Which of the following is a mammal?
a) tiger
b) bird
c) butterfly
d) plant

Which of the following goes through metamorphosis?
a) caterpillar to butterfly
b) tiger cub to adult tiger
c) baby bird to adult bird
d) seed to full grown plant

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