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Why did Washington call up an army to crush the Whiskey rebellion
a) He saw the rebellion as a threat to the authority of the new government
b) He feared the rebels might stir up a bloody revolution like that in France
c) He felt he had to protect tax collectors at work in the Appalachians
d) He preferred leading an army to leading a national government

In his farewell address, Washington urged Americans
a) Not to address the president using fancy titles
b) Not to let loyalty to political parties tear the nation apart
c) To play the taxes Congress placed on luxury goods without complaint
d) To support the ideals, but not the actions, of the French Revolution

One of the major issues dividing the Federalist and Republican parties was
a) How to divide up the nation’s wealth in a fair way
b) How many terms a president should serve
c) How large and powerful the Federal government should be
d) Whether there should be both a president and a vice president

The Alien and Sedition Acts were viewed by Republicans as
a) A challenge to the power and authority of the state governments
b) A necessary measure to rid the country of illegal immigrants
c) A warning to the Whiskey Boys to end their rebellion
d) An attack on the First Amendment rights of Free Speech and Press

The states’ rights theory of the Constitution holds that states
a) May nullify federal laws
b) Have very limited powers
c) Must obey all federal laws
d) Choose the nation’s president

The election of 1800 showed that
a) The Electoral College should be completely abolished
b) Power could pass peacefully from group to group in a democracy
c) Hamilton had become a Republican
d) Adams wanted to turn the nation into a monarchy

What did Hamilton ask Congress to create to build a strong national economy
a) A stronger Navy
b) The President’s Cabinet
c) A national Bank
d) The Stock market

People who have come from another country and are not yet citizens are
a) Sedition
b) Nullify
c) None of the choices
d) Aliens

In his farewell address, President Washington urged Americans to follow what foreign policy
a) Isolation and neutrality
b) Strong permanent allies
c) Involvement in world affairs
d) The Monroe Doctrine

Which slogan best summarizes the Americans’ response to the XYZ Affair
a) Free trade and sailors’ rights!
b) Millions for defense, not a cent for tribute!
c) My country, right or wrong
d) No taxation without representation!

The Monroe Doctrine warned European nations to
a) Stop seizing American ships
b) End the impressment of American sailors
c) Leave the Americas to the Americas
d) Treat the US with more respect

Which symbol on the national seal represents national power?
a) Olive branch
b) Stars
c) Banner
d) Eagle

What does XYZ stand for in the XYZ Affair?
a) The secret agents who met the Americans when they went to France
b) The list of American demands
c) The name of the 3 American representatives sent to France
d) The King of France’s nickname

What is the XYZ Affair?
a) The US wanted France to pay tribute to avoid a war
b) France wanted the US to pay tribute to end attacks on American ships
c) A secret alliance between France and Britain
d) The Treaty that John Jay made with the British

Who was hurt the most by Jefferson’s embargo policy?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) American merchants
d) Barbary pirates

How did Jefferson try to end pirate attacks on US ships?
a) He sent US warships to protect merchant ships
b) He ordered a complete halt in trade with other nations
c) He declared war on the Barbary states
d) He paid tribute to the Barbary States

What was the main effect of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin on the south?
a) Cotton became the South’s main crop
b) Cotton mills moved to the south
c) Cotton farmers no longer needed slaves
d) Cotton exports to Europe fell sharply

Which invention brought the Industrial Revolution to northern agriculture?
a) Eli Whitney’s cotton gin
b) Cyrus McCormick’s reaper
c) Elias Howe’s sewing machine
d) Robert Fulton’s steamboat

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