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On what type of account are you allowed to make 6 withdrawals without being penalized?
a) Money Market
b) Savings
c) Retirement Account

What is the penalty for using the ATM of another bank?
a) Your bank and the other bank might charge you a fee
b) You can't use another bank's ATM
c) Your bank closes your account

A car is an example of a(n) ____ asset.
a) Appreciating
b) Depreciating
c) Self- depreciating

What do IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401Ks, and 403Bs have in common?
a) All are combination codes on bank vaults
b) All are long term savings accounts for retirement
c) All are checking accounts that you sign up for at a local bank

Why is your credit so important?
a) It heavily influences your approval for bank loans and credit cards
b) It determines how much you will have to pay the government in taxes
c) A credit score is important only for businesses and not for individuals

The effect of time on interest...
a) Increases the total amount
b) Decreases the total amount
c) Doesn't change the total amount

Historically, real estate is usually an example of a(n) _______ asset.
a) Appreciating
b) Depreciating
c) Self depreciating

What is the best way to avoid credit card debt?
a) Keep making purchases on your credit card
b) Paying in full and on time
c) Paying your bill every other month

When it comes to savings, a good rule of thumb is to always
a) Keep most of your cash in the safety of your home
b) Pay yourself first
c) Choose the savings account that has the lowest interest rate

A budget is...
a) A plan for how you will spend the money you earn or receive
b) A type of savings account
c) The amount of money the government taxes you on

Using a credit card for living expenses is..
a) A good idea if used sparingly
b) A bad idea because it looks bad on your credit score
c) A good idea, because you don't have to pay for them if they are below a certain amount
d) A bad idea because they can pile up and end up costing you more than original purchase prices

Which is the best description of the term GED?
a) A. General Equivalency Diploma that certifies high school equivalent skills in writing, social studies, science, and math
b) B. General Education Diploma that certifies a student to do specific trades
c) Both A and B
d) Neither A or B

'fun' classes - The replacement name for 'fun' could be ...
a) Extra Credits
b) Core Subjects
c) Minor Requirements
d) Electives

What is the difference between a major and a minor?
a) A major is an area of study in which a student receives a degree; whereas a minor is a supporting or additional area of study
b) B. minor is an area of study in which a student receives a degree; whereas a major is a supporting or additional area
c) Both A and B are correct
d) Neither A or B are correct

A 3.0 GPA is roughly..
a) an 'A' average
b) a 'B' average
c) a 'C' average
d) None of These Choices

What is the meaning of GPA?
a) A. Grade Percentage Average. A way of recording your progress in a class.
b) B. Graduated Point Average. A sequential arrangement of materials in a class.
c) C. Grade Point Average. The points received for the grade earned. Points are totaled then averaged
d) Both and C are correct

Which is the best description of the term ACT?
a) A test that assesses high school students general education development and their ability to complete college level work.
b) An Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test that consists of verbal, math and technical tests.
c) A high school exit exam.
d) None of These Choices

Of the following which would probably be the most useful piece of information to an identity thief?
a) Your middle name
b) Your car's serial number
c) Your Social Security number

Diversification is important in investing because...
a) It spreads your investment risk across a wide range of investments
b) It increases your overall risk, which could make you more money
c) It guarantees you a set return on your investment

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