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The Roaring 20s And The Great Depression Review.

Which institution was most at fault and failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system in 1929?
a) Federal Reserve
b) US Congress
c) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
d) Social Security Administration

As a result of the Great Depression, about how many workers were without jobs?
a) Two-thirds
b) Three-fourths
c) One-fourth
d) One-half

What form of jazz was made known worldwide by Bessie Smith?
a) Big Band jazz
b) The Blues
c) String jazz
d) Mississippi River jazz

Louis Armstrong, Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Bessie Smith were all -
a) writers
b) musicians
c) poets
d) painters

What caused an increase in the unemployment rate from 1929-1939?
a) The Great Depression
b) World War I
c) World War II
d) The Harlem Renaissance

Which of the following was NOT an effect of the Great Depression?
a) One-fourth of workers were without jobs
b) There were large numbers of homeless and hungry people
c) Farmers' incomes increased to high levels
d) Many banks and businesses failed

The period of rebirth of African American art forms is known as the —
a) Great Migration
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Harlem Revival
d) Black Eagles

Which artist is incorrectly matched with his or her career?
a) F. Scott Fitzgerald — novelist
b) John Steinbeck — composer
c) Langston Hughes — poet
d) Bessie Smith - Singer

What were the illegal bars of the Prohibition era called?
a) Watering holes
b) Saloons
c) Speakeasies
d) Pubs

The ratification of the 21st Amendment marked the end of —
a) the Progressive Movement
b) women’s suffrage
c) Prohibition
d) segregated society

Which industry was created by the 18th Amendment of the  Constitution?
a) Barrel making and binding
b) Bootlegging
c) Corn boilers
d) Cooper tubing manufacturing

Which of the following did NOT occur as a result of prohibition?
a) Bootleggers smuggled alcohol and promoted organized crime
b) Speakeasies were created as places for people to drink alcohol
c) It became illegal to transport and consume alcoholic beverages
d) It became legal to manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages

While there were many reasons for African American families to move north, the main reason that many likely migrated to the North or West during the early  to mid-1900s was to -
a) receive free land
b) allow women to vote
c) find religious freedom
d) find better jobs

Which statement is the most valid about African Americans before moving north during the  Great Migration?
a) They faced discrimination and violence.
b) They were denied educational benefits.
c) They lost their citizenship and voting rights.
d) They were denied their religious freedom.

Wilbur and Orville Wright are most famous for their invention of:
a) The first airplane
b) The bicycle
c) The glider
d) The assembly line

What movement took place during the 1920s in which thousands of African Americans  moved north to find work?
a) The Great White Fleet
b) The Great Migration
c) The Great Gatsby
d) The Great Depression

Which of the following best explains the decreasing trend that occurred in Model T prices from  1910 to 1920?
a) The assembly line enabled a faster method of producing cars which lowered the cost for  consumers
b) The use of cheap materials enabled more cars to be produced which lowered the cost for  consumers.
c) Work teams built one car at a time which caused an increase in the price for consumers.
d) D Machines increased the assembly time which required cars to be sold at a higher price.

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