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Which of the following best describes the population distribution in Germany?
a) highly urban with major cities
b) highly rural with very few cities
c) highly rural with few to no cities
d) highly urban but no major cities

Which of the following languages is the most widely spoken in Europe?
a) English
b) French
c) German
d) Russian

An advantage that the United Kingdom has over the much larger country of Russia is
a) the land area of the United Kingdom
b) large deposits of coal and fossil fuels
c) seaports that are navigable year round
d) large industrial rivers that are deep for shipping

What religion has the greatest number of world-wide followers?
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Christianity
d) Daoism

Which of the following best describes the language origins of French and Italian?
a) Slavic languages
b) West Germanic Languages
c) Romance Languages developed from Latin
d) They each derived from their own language family

What is the name of the Russian alphabet?
a) Cyrillic
b) Greek
c) Hebrew
d) Latin

Which of the following is not an Islamic duty?
a) pray five times daily
b) submission to multiple gods
c) taking a trip to Mecca at least once
d) fasting during the month of Ramadan

Which government system best describes that of Germany and Russia?
a) autocracies
b) federations
c) oligarchies
d) unitary governments

Which of the following statements best describes the election of the Prime Minister of the U.K.?
a) he is appointed by the constitutional monarch
b) he is elected directly by the citizens of the U.K.
c) he is appointed by the House of Commons in the legislature
d) he is appointed by the Queen and has to be a member of the House of Lords

What is the holy book for the Muslim religion?
a) Bible
b) Koran
c) Talmud
d) Torah

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