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Two or more substances that are together, but not chemically combined
a) Compound
b) Mixture
c) Element
d) Molecule

Two or more different elements that are combined chemically
a) Compound
b) Mixture
c) Solution
d) atom

How many elements are on the Periodic Table
a) About 50
b) 92
c) About 20
d) About 120

Which of the following is a compound
a) Iron
b) Aluminum
c) Sugar
d) Oxygen

Mixtures are different than compounds because
a) Mixtures are not made of elements
b) Mixtures do not contain compounds
c) mixtures are not chemically combined
d) mixtures always have a solute

The substance that gets dissolved in a solution is called the
a) solute
b) solvent
c) colloid
d) molecule

An element is
a) A pure substance made of more than one type of atom chemically combined
b) A pure substance made of only one kind of atom
c) A combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined
d) Wind, fire, earth and water

Which of the following is not a compound
a) Water
b) Salt water
c) Salt
d) Sugar

A chemical change occurs when
a) a compound is formed
b) a mixture is made
c) a substance is dissolved
d) a liquid boils

In the lego activity, one lego represented
a) an element
b) an atom
c) a compound
d) an element or an atom

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