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What is the end of a story called
a) Exposition
b) denouement
c) Setting
d) Climax

which is an example of personification
a) He swam and jumped up and down.
b) He rode his bike to the mall.
c) The Sun danced across the sky on this hot day.
d) The girl swam across the lake

What is an example of Hyperbole
a) The sun set over the river
b) I was so hungry I ate a horse last night for dinner.
c) WOW!
d) He was a silly boy.

I was speeding and texting and I got in an accident is an example of which text structure?
a) cause and effect
b) Problem and solution
c) Main Idea
d) Chronological order

This is an example of what type of conflict: A man getting trapped by a hurricane
a) character vs society
b) character vs character
c) Character vs nature
d) Character vs machine

This is an example of what type of propoganda:? mom, everyone is going to the movies Friday night. You have to let me go, or no one will like me.
a) Slogan
b) Testimonial
c) Bandwagon
d) Repitition

The sun was hot like a booger in a sick kids nose. is an example of
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) setting
d) pun

what does the suffix sub mean in the word subway
a) above
b) against
c) through
d) below

what does the prefix in the word transatlantic mean? Trans:
a) across
b) through
c) one
d) two

What is an example of historical fiction
a) The Sons of the Revolution
b) Harry Potter
c) Kids Zone
d) DIary of a Wimpy Kid

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