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What is the teachers name
a) Dominguez
b) Domino
c) Domingo
d) Miss

What is the name of this structure that has Sugar, phosphate, and nitrogen base.
a) RNA
b) Nucleotide
c) Nitrogen Base
d) NA

11. In a sample of double-stranded DNA, 30% of the nitrogenous bases are thymine. What percentage of the nitrogenous bases in the sample are adenine?
a) a. 20%
b) b. 30%
c) c. 60%
d) NA

The sequence of nitrogenous bases in DNA varies widely. The sequence of the bases in DNA is most important for which of the following?
a) a. providing the instructions for the traits of an organism
b) b. preventing mutations from occurring during DNA replication
c) c. allowing the DNA to have the shape necessary for replication
d) NA

How does DNA in cells determine an organism’s complex traits
a) a. DNA contains codes for proteins, which are necessary for the growth and functioning of an organism.
b) b. DNA separates into long single strands that make up each part of an organism.
c) c. DNA produces the energy an organism needs in order to grow.
d) NA

Turning off these genes can cause less-mature cells to divide too rapidly, and never entering the resting phase. Which can lead to
a) a. cancer
b) b. allergies
c) c. hemophilia
d) NA

10. Which is not a Nitrogenous Base?
a) a. Cytosine
b) b. Ribose
c) c. Adenine
d) NA

DNA's structure is
a) single stranded
b) double stranded
c) triple stranded
d) made of blue stuff

What does DNA stand for
a) Ribonucleic Acid
b) Deoxyribonucleic Acid
c) Dinitrogen Acid
d) Nothing

Which Nitrogen base does RNA conatain that DNA does not
a) Uracil
b) Thymine
c) Adenine
d) Coffee

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