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Why did the north have so much trouble winning battles in the beginning?
a) Their men were unskilled with weapons and had poor Generals
b) Their men were skilled outdoors-men and had excellent Generals
c) The southern army was too powerful and larger in numbers
d) The northerners didn't want to fight to keep the south in the country

In the first half of the war, where are most of the battles fought?
a) in the East
b) in the North
c) in the West
d) in the South

What was the name of the awful noise the Confederate soldiers made in battle?
a) Rebel Bells
b) Rebel Yell
c) Yankee Scream
d) Justin Beiber's new song

Why did Lincoln not send supplies to Fort Sumter and sent a note instead?
a) He didn't want the Confederates to steal the supplies
b) He wanted to trick the Confederates into firing the first shots
c) If he had send troops down with supplies , he would be starting the war
d) Fort Sumter was too far, and he needed to save supplies for the war

Why was Bull Run called the “Great Skedaddle”?
a) General McDowell was not organized and sent his troops into a death trap
b) There was a lot of chaos with the fight and people around, the union army ran back to Washington after hearing the Rebel Yell
c) Confederate troops did the Skedaddle dance after their victory
d) Skedaddle means first fight of the war

Why was the battle of Chancellorsville good and bad for Lee?
a) Stonewall Jackson died from injuries, but Lee was now confident he could enter and win in the North
b) He lost too many soldiers, but he was able to defeat the Union Army
c) Stonewall Jackson died from injuries, but he was able to surround Washington D.C.
d) It was good because he captured Union turkey sandwiches, but bad because Stonewall died

What did Lincoln write after the battle of Antietam?
a) The Declaration of Independence
b) Gettysburg Address
c) Emancipation Proclamation
d) Uncle Tom's Cabin

Why did the south have better advantages fighting battles in the beginning?
a) They had more soldiers than the north
b) They had factories to make more weapons and supplies
c) The north didn't own maps of the southern territory
d) They had skilled outdoorsmen, knew the land of the battles, and excellent Generals

Who was mistakenly shot at Chancellorsville?
a) Stonewall Jackson
b) Robert E. Lee
c) Longstreet
d) George McClellan

Who did Lincoln fire for delaying attacks against the Confederate Army?
a) Stonewall Jackson
b) Ambrose Burnside
c) Ulysses S. Grant
d) George McClellan

Who fired the first cannon at Fort Sumter, which started the first crossfire of the Civil War
a) General Beauregard of the Confederate Army
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) General Anderson of the Union Army
d) General Lee

What Union general made strategic mistakes at Fredericksburg and lost the battle.
a) George McClellan
b) Ulysses S. Grant
c) Ambrose Burnside
d) James Longstreet

What battle is known as the bloodiest one day battle in American history?
a) Gettysburg
b) Antietam
c) Fredericksburg
d) Bull Run

Who was the commanding general of the Confederate Army from start to finish?
a) Robert E. Lee
b) James Longstreet
c) Ulysses S. Grant
d) Jefferson Davis

What did the Union soldiers do at Fredericksburg to make Lee angry?
a) They looted (stole) things from the townspeople's homes.
b) They captured 2,400 of his men
c) They refused to surrender killing more of Lee's soldiers
d) They had an all night dance party and did not invite him.

What Confederate general held Burnsides back, not allowing him to advance past Fredericksburg?
a) Stonewall Jackson
b) Ms. Le Vine
c) James Longstreet
d) George McClellan

Who becomes Commander of the Union Army after Burnsides is fired, and where does he first fight Lee?
a) General Hooker, and at the Battle of Fredericksburg
b) General Grant, and at the Battle of Fredericksburg
c) General Hooker, and at the Battle of Chancellorsville
d) General Grant, and at the Battle of Chancellorsville

What was the name of the Confederate Ironclad ship
a) Merrimack
b) Monitor

What was the name of the Union ironclad ship?
a) Merrimack
b) Monitor

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