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Who is the father of genetics?
a) Brad O'Donnell
b) Chris Karamis (seriously?)
c) Charles Darwin
d) Gregor Mendel

Which genotype below is homozygous recessive?
a) BB
b) Bb
c) bb
d) B

Which statement below is TRUE?
a) Organisms can have the same phenotype and a different genotype.
b) Phenotypes are always different for brothers and sisters.
c) Organisms can have the same genotype but different phenotype.
d) A genotype is the physical trait of an organism.

Which of the following is a sex linked disorder?
a) Hair Color
b) Eye Color
c) Colorblindness
d) Height

How many offspring will be homozygous recessive in a cross between two heterozygous parents?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 75%

What is your science teacher's name?
a) Mr. O'Donald
b) Mr. O'Donnell
c) Mr. O'Donnel
d) Mr. O'Donell

What type of genotype does a CARRIER have?
a) Homozygous Dominant
b) Heterozygous
c) Homozygous Recessive
d) Heterozygous Dominant

Which type of dominance allows both of the parents' traits to be visible in offspring?
a) Complete Dominance
b) Incomplete Dominance
c) Codominance
d) World Domination

What percentage of the offspring will have a recessive trait from two recessive parents?
a) 0%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 100%

Which of the parents below would produce offspring that can not have a recessive trait?
a) dd x dd
b) Dd x dd
c) dd x dd
d) DD x Dd

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