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Who conquered the Incan Empire
a) Francisco Pizarro
b) Hernán Cortés
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Atahualpa

What happened to the gold and silver taken by Pizarro from the Incas?
a) It was sent to the king of Spain.
b) It became a part of Pizarro’s palace in Lima.
c) The Spanish sent it home to be divided among their families.
d) Most of it was given back to the Incas after Pizarro was killed.

What mountain range was the Incan Empire found?
a) Sierra Madre
b) Alps
c) Andes
d) Rocky Mountains

Who was the last Sapa Inca?
a) Huascar
b) Atahualpa
c) Huayna Capac
d) Francisco Pizarro

What did Atahualpa hope to keep when he gave away 24 tons of gold and silver to Pizarro?
a) his life
b) his family
c) his palace
d) his empire

Pizarro conquered the Inca Empire because he
a) defeated the emperor’s army in battle.
b) killed the emperor in an attack on Cusco.
c) went back to Spain to get permission to attack.
d) surprised the emperor’s army and took the emperor hostage.

The king of Spain rewarded Pizarro for his plan to conquer the Incas by
a) making him viceroy
b) allowing him to travel with Balboa.
c) building him a palace in Lima, Peru.
d) letting him keep all the gold he found.

Where was the capital of the Inca Empire?
a) Cusco
b) Bolivia
c) Cajamarca
d) Machu Picchu

What evidence is there today of the Inca Empire in Peru?
a) The Quechua language is still spoken.
b) There are still rooms of gold and silver.
c) There is an Inca emperor in charge of Peru.
d) The Inca system of accounting and mathematics is still in use.

About how far was it from the northern tip to the southern tip of the Inca Empire?
a) 500 miles
b) 1,400 miles
c) 1,532 miles
d) 2,000 miles

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