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What did Montezuma give Cortés when they met?
a) gifts of gold
b) a human sacrifice
c) a pyramid in Tenochtitlan
d) an area of land to rule in the south

About how long was Spanish rule in Mexico after Cortés conquered the Aztec?
a) 3 years
b) 30 years
c) 3 months
d) 300 years

Who was the ruler of the Aztec when Cortés arrived in Mexico?
a) Cortés
b) Pizarro
c) Atahualpa
d) Montezuma

What did Cortés do to Montezuma after the two met?
a) killed him
b) took him hostage
c) invited him to visit Cuba
d) offered a sacrifice to the Aztec gods

Which was a result of the defeat of the Aztec?
a) Mexico City was burned.
b) Tenochtitlan was destroyed.
c) Aztec artwork was collected.
d) The Spanish left Mexico and did not return.

Cortés is most famous for which deed?
a) conquering the Aztec empire
b) becoming mayor of a Cuban town
c) starting construction of Mexico City
d) becoming friends with native people

What did Montezuma do to Cortés and his men as they approached Tenochtitlan?
a) killed them all
b) welcomed them
c) captured them for human sacrifice
d) took the Spanish troops as hostages

What did the Spanish do to the Aztec art and architecture after they conquered the Aztec?
a) destroyed it
b) preserved it
c) adapted it for their own use
d) shipped it back to Spain to sell

Which items show the Aztec had advanced knowledge?
a) farms, calendars, taxes
b) calendars, taxes, human sacrifices
c) irrigation systems, calendars, mathematics
d) animal sacrifices, mathematics, irrigation systems

What was the capital of the Aztec empire?
a) Nahuatl
b) Mexico City
c) Montezuma
d) Tenochtitlan

What was the language of the Aztec?
a) Mexican
b) Nahuatl
c) Spanish
d) Montezuman

What had Montezuma done before the arrival of Cortés that made him a great leader in the eyes of his people?
a) started irrigation for farms
b) expanded the territory of the Aztec
c) built new pyramids in Tenochtitlan
d) offered sacrifices to the Aztec gods

What did Montezuma get from people he conquered?
a) gifts to give to the Spanish
b) taxes and irrigation for farms
c) taxes and humans for sacrifice
d) gold for the temple of the Aztec gods

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