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Which Paste Special option pastes only the result of a formula rather than the formula itself?
a) Paste Values
b) Paste Formula
c) Paste Formula and Formatting
d) Paste Formatting

What is something you can not copy using Format Painter?
a) Font style
b) The contents of a cell
c) Font color
d) Bold

How do you display the Mini toolbar?
a) You cannot make it display, it just happens
b) Just select the cell
c) Click on the drop-down on the Quick Access Toolbar
d) Right-click a cell.

You want to fit a long column heading into a small space without changing the font size or column width. What is the best choice?
a) Adjust text orientation
b) Adjust paper size
c) Adjust font style
d) Adjust Sheet size

You want to format a cell so the text is spread evenly throughout the cell, wrapping automatically and adjusting the row height, if necessary. Which alignment option do you choose?
a) Align right
b) Align right
c) Justify
d) Align center

What command do you use to insert a cell into your worksheet?
a) The Insert command in the Cells group on the HOME tab
b) The Fill command in the Editing group on the HOME ribbon
c) Go to the Insert Tab and select Cell from the Editing Group
d) Go to the Home tab and select Format Painter from the Clipboard group

To automatically display data on the next line when it is too long to display within the cell’s width. Doing this automatically increases a cell’s height.
a) Delete
b) Merge
c) Wrap
d) Split

A set of formatting attributes that you can apply to a cell or range of cells more easily than by setting each attribute individually.
a) Style
b) Formula
c) Function
d) Conditional Formatting

A tool that enables you to set the order of multiple rules, fine-tune rule settings, and more.
a) Text Manager
b) Formulas Manager
c) Functions Manager
d) Rules Manager

A formatting tool that appears above or below the shortcut menu when you right-click a cell and that displays the most commonly used formatting commands.
a) Screen Tip
b) Quick Access Toolbar
c) Mini Toolbar
d) Hot Keys

A tool that enables you to control specifically what you want to paste after using the Copy or Cut commands, such as cell content, formulas, values, formatting, and much more.
a) Format Painter
b) Paste Special
c) Undo
d) Apply

Two or more cells combined into a single cell.
a) Merged cells
b) Justified cells
c) Oriented cells
d) Split cells

A shortcut that enables you to navigate to a web page or a location in another file in just one click of the mouse.
a) Text link
b) Macro
c) Video
d) Hyperlink

A feature found in most Office applications that allows you to quickly copy formatting attributes that you have already applied and “paint” those attributes onto other text, shapes, pictures, and worksheet cells.
a) Style
b) Format Painter
c) Template
d) Copy/Paste

A set of text properties that affects the typeface, size, and similar aspects of text.
a) Screen Tip
b) Formula
c) Template
d) Font

An Excel feature that enables you to specify how cells that meet one or more given conditions should be displayed.
a) Formatting
b) Formula
c) Function
d) Conditional Formatting

A formatting characteristic, such as bold, italic, or underlined text.
a) Attribute
b) Style
c) Template
d) Design

What term means to arrange in a line or bring into alignment.
a) Format
b) Align
c) Toggle
d) Orient

How do you remove a hyperlink?
a) Right-click the cell and select Remove Hyperlink.
b) Select the Hyperlink and click copy
c) Click remove
d) Click Subtract

In which group on the HOME tab is the Clear Formats command located?
a) Font
b) Editing
c) Cells
d) Number

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