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These were sold to the American public to finance the war
a) Hooverizing
b) Propaganda
c) American\'s Creed
d) Liberty Loans

This document, in which Germany offered to make an alliance with Mexico, helped bring the U.S> into the war.
a) deLome Letter
b) Zimmermann Note
c) 14 Points
d) Treaty of Versailles

This required all men between the ages of 21-30 to sign up for military service in the U.S.
a) Selective Service Act
b) war-guilt clause
c) Militarism
d) Sedition Act

The Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance were formed to
a) promote nationalism
b) promote trade with the United States
c) maintain the balance of power in Europe
d) fight a war

The Senate failed to ratify the Treaty of Versailles because it
a) wanted more money
b) opposed the formation of the USSR
c) opposed the League of Nations
d) wanted more territory

After World War I, most Americans wanted to
a) maintain a large army
b) welcome refugees
c) ban the teaching of the German language
d) retreat from world affairs

To build support for the war, President Wilson authorized the formation of
a) the Committee on Public Information
b) the convoy system
c) the 14 Points
d) the War Department

Which was NOT part of Americans' civilian volunteer efforts?
a) conserving food
b) Liberty Loans
c) saving fuel
d) the Sedition Act

Just as Germany tried to use U-Boats to cut off Great Britain's trade, Great Britain relied on ____________ to prevent supplies from reaching Germany
a) the convoy system
b) a naval blockade
c) their own submarines
d) a mandate

When America entered the war, it did so on the side of the:
a) Allied Powers
b) Triple Alliance
c) Triple Entente
d) Central Powers

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