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Mrs. Walker had 237 photographs printed from her family vacation. She wants to put them into an album that holds 8 pictures per page. How many pages will she need?
a) 27 pages
b) 28 pages
c) 29 pages
d) 30 pages

Sam buys 46.8 ounces of cat food. In the first day, her cats eat 23.6 ounces. How many ounces of cat food is remaining?
a) 21.2 ounces
b) 22.2 ounces
c) 23.2 ounces
d) 24.2 ounces

The Dorn family's house has 1,720 square feet of space. The family builds an extension that adds 188 square feet of space. What is the new area of the house?
a) 1,908 square feet
b) 2,008 square feet
c) 2,108 square feet
d) 2,208 square feet

The peak of a ski hill is at an elevation of 3,273 feet. The base of the hill is 838 feet below the peak. What equation shows how to find the elevation at the base?
a) 3,273 - 838 = 2,745
b) 3,273 - 838 = 2,435
c) 3,273 + 838 = 4,111
d) 838 - 3,273 = 2,729

Hank buys 15 pounds of potatoes at a market. He wants to mix in 12 teaspoons of butter for each pound of potatoes. How much butter will he need?
a) 160 teaspoons
b) 170 teaspoons
c) 180 teaspoons
d) 190 teaspoons

Drew adds 14, 193 + 33, 317. Which expression can he solve to check his answer?
a) 47,500 - 33,317
b) 47,410 - 14,193
c) 47,510 - 19,124
d) 47,510 - 33,317

A new clothes dryer was being sold for a special price of $219. During the first day of the sale, 73 dryers were sold. How much money was spent on the new machines?
a) $1,687
b) $13,797
c) $14,387
d) $15,987

A basketball card manufacturer prints 10,152 basketball cards and puts them into packs of 12 cards. How many packs of basketball cards does the manufacturer create?
a) 846
b) 847
c) 10,140
d) 121,824

Four friends go out to dinner. Their total bill was $90.36. If they split the bill equally, how much will each person pay?
a) $22.92
b) $22.36
c) $22.59
d) $22.78

Jamie is reading a book that is 840 pages long. If she reads 15 pages per day, how many days will it take her to finish the book?
a) 48 days
b) 50 days
c) 54 days
d) 56 days

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