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The species name of a rose Ryan is looking for is alba. It's genus name is rosa. What will it say on the tag identifying the plant?
a) alba rosa
b) Rosa alba
c) Alba rosa
d) rosa alba

The beak of the large ground finch of the Galapagos Islands is adapted to the way that the finch usually gets food. The beak is wide and strong. Which of the following is most likely the finch’s main food source?
a) small insects
b) big hard seeds
c) small fresh water fish
d) juicy cactus parts

A chameleon can change the color of its skin to blend in with its environment. This adaptation helps it hide from predators. What is this adaptation called?
a) resistance
b) natural selection
c) camoflauge
d) mimicry

_______________ is the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and reproduce (Survival of the Fittest).
a) Overproduction
b) Reproduction
c) Migration
d) Natural Selection

A cat's leg, a dolphin's flipper, and a bat's wing contain similar bones. What does this suggest?
a) these species developed at the same time
b) these structures perform the same function
c) these species share a common ancestor
d) the cat is the most advanced of these species

Which of the following adaptations are best suited for survival in a mild environment with predators?
a) hibernation
b) estivation
c) courtship
d) defensive behavior

Which of the following structural adaptations would be best suited for an animal living in the tree canopies of a rain forest?
a) short stiff tail, dog-like paws, short limbs
b) long grasping tail, paws that can grasp, long limbs
c) short stiff tail, paws that can grasp, short limbs
d) long grasping tail, dog-like paws, long limbs

This period of reduced activity in the summer is called ______________
a) Estivation
b) Hibernation
c) Migration
d) Parenting

______________ is a characteristic that improves an individuals ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.
a) Mutation
b) Behavior
c) Adaptation
d) Overproduction

_____________ is a period of inactivity and decreased body temperature that some animals experience in winter.
a) Estivation
b) Hibernation
c) Migration
d) Parenting

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