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What is a balanced diet?
a) A balanced diet is when you weigh all your food before eating it.
b) A balanced diet is eating an even amount of all food groups.
c) A balanced diet is eating the required amount of servings of each food group.
d) A balanced diet is eating sugar only once a day.

Which of the following is not a change in adolescents?
a) Increase in hormone production
b) an increased amount of hair products used on a daily basis.
c) an increase in self awareness (you are your own person)
d) an increase in growth

what category do nuts fit into according to the ADG?
a) vegetables
b) fruits
c) dairy
d) meat

what are the Australian Dietary Guidelines?
a) They are a set of guidelines used for making and processing food.
b) They are a guide to running a marathon.
c) They are a governement guideline to eating healthy.
d) They help pay for peoples groceries.

Which of the following is a confectionary food?
a) Yogurt
b) Bread
c) Popper
d) Sliced ham

Which of the following is a side effect of eating to little?
a) loss of appetite
b) loss of energy
c) loss of friends
d) loss of braincells

Which of the following is NOT a result of eating to much
a) You may become overweight.
b) You may have an increased chance of heart disease
c) You may have an increased chance of diabetes
d) You may have more energy because of all the extra food being eaten.

How many categories are there in the Australian Dietary Guidelines?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 4
d) 6

Which category must be avoided?
a) Meat
b) Dairy
c) Grains
d) Confectionary

If I play sport 7 days a week how much food do I eat?
a) More then the recomended daily servings.
b) Less then the recommended daily servinngs.
c) Exactly the same amount that is suggested in the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

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