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What led the newspapers to speak of Bleeding Kansas in 1856?
a) fighting between pro-slavery and anti-slavery forces
b) attacks on job-seeking Irish immigrants
c) conflict between cattle ranchers and farmers
d) reaction to US Supreme Court ruling against Dred Scott

What was the first major goal of President Abraham Lincoln's administration?
a) to destroy the institution of slavery
b) to maintain the unity of the country
c) to expand the power of state governments
d) to industrialize the economy

Which of the following issues was central to the Nullification Crisis of 1832--1833?
a) due process
b) laissez faire
c) states' rights
d) women's rights

Which of the following occurred first?
a) South Carolina secedes from the Union
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Kansas-Nebraska Act
d) Compromise of 1850

Why can the Emancipation Proclamation be seen as a diplomatic document?
a) It made it hard for foreign nations to recognize and support the Confederacy.
b) It warned European nations to stay out of US affairs
c) It called on England and France to sell their weapons
d) It encouraged France to sell the Louisiana Territory to the US

What action abolished slavery in the United States?
a) suspension of habeas corpus
b) passage of the Thirteenth Amendment
c) passage of the Fourteenth Amendment
d) passage of the Fifteenth Amendment

In the fall of 1862, what was one immediate effect of President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation?
a) It ended the Civil War
b) It created confusion in the South
c) It abolished slavery in all states of the Union
d) It led European countries to ally with the South

What did the South gain from both the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) an enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law
b) a provision to honor the Mason-Dixon Line
c) the gradual elimination of slavery in the territories being added to the nation
d) the use of popular sovereignty in making decisions about slavery in the territories

During the 1830s, the issue of raising the tariff rates led to conflict between the Industrial North and the agrarian South. Which situation gives the best example of how a higher tariff would have negatively affected South Carolinians?
a) when they purchased additional farm land
b) when they traveled to northern states
c) when they bought foreign-made goods
d) when they sold cotton to northern manufacturers

In the 1830-1850 time period, which section of the United States most opposed a protective tariff?
a) West
b) Northeast
c) South
d) Northwest

Southern economy was based mostly on cotton production on large plantations. Another term for the use of farms is
a) agrarian
b) textiles
c) urban
d) sectionalism

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