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Where do producers get energy?
a) from sunlight
b) from other producers
c) from decomposers
d) from consumers

Which nonliving thing determines the kinds of organisms that live in an ecosystem?
a) decomposers
b) amount of water
c) consumers
d) producers

What is an animal or insect that helps plants by moving pollen from one part of the plant to another?
a) producer
b) consumer
c) pollinator
d) organic matter

A large population of snakes moves into an area. What might happen to the mice in that area?
a) The mice will become larger.
b) There will be more mice too.
c) The snakes will stop eating the mice.
d) The mouse population will become smaller.

What are the dead remains of plants and animals?
a) produce
b) organic matter
c) pollinator
d) consumer

A camel can travel many days without water. Camels usually live in places with
a) very little rainfall
b) with very little sunshine
c) many lakes
d) many plants

The role of the producer in any community is
a) produce space
b) produce nutrients
c) produce carbon dioxide
d) produce food

The consumers of an ecosystem are its
a) plants only
b) plants and animals only
c) animals only
d) largest animals only

Without healthy grasses in a prairie ecosystem, most prairie animals would
a) eat the smallest animals
b) look for food in trees
c) dig deep in the ground for food
d) die from lack of food.

In an ecosystem, producers fill the role of providing ________ for other organisms.
a) food
b) water
c) warm temperatures
d) degrees

Which is a nonliving part of the ecosystem?
a) squirrel
b) sunlight
c) tree
d) bird

A tree gains energy it needs from
a) sunlight
b) its thick wood and bark
c) food in the soil
d) oxygen from the air

Why might a decrease in insects cause a decrease of frogs?
a) Both populations use the same shelter.
b) The two populations are both consumers.
c) Both populations feed on the same thing.
d) One population consumers another.

Kevin sets up a terrarium to model an ecosystem. His terrarium has rock, a heat lamp, water, soil, and a cricket. Which part models the sun?
a) rocks
b) heat lamp
c) cricket
d) water

Which statement is true?
a) Plants and animals depend on sunlight.
b) Producers depend on consumers.
c) Only plants depend on sunlight.
d) Only animals depend on sunlight.

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