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After many years, rivers that cut through the surface of the Earth form –
a) glaciers
b) volcanoes
c) mountains
d) canyons

When rocks are weathered, they -
a) change color
b) fall down a mountain
c) get heavier
d) break apart

Which of these landforms is caused by constructive forces?
a) glacier
b) delta
c) canyon
d) mesa

This soil component is made from the remains of once living organisms.
a) humus
b) sand
c) clay
d) pebbles

This destructive force happens over millions of year.
a) weathering
b) volcano
c) earthquake
d) hurricane

Deposition occurs when –
a) rocks and dirt move from one place to another
b) pieces of rock and dirt are left in a new place after being moved
c) new rocks are formed
d) water evaporates

The major forces behind the process of weathering, erosion, and deposition are –
a) water and magnetic energy
b) water and wind
c) wind and sunlight
d) wind and magnetic energy

How do oceans change the surface of the Earth?
a) Salt in ocean water caused rocks to melt away.
b) Ocean waves crash along the coastline causing rocks to weather away.
c) Ocean water floods the countryside forming lakes.
d) Oceans push rocks underground to form caverns.

Sand is formed mainly by –
a) ocean waves eroding rocks and depositing the remains on the shore
b) boiling water flowing from deep inside the Earth reaching the surface
c) ocean animals crushing rocks and pushing the remains to the shore
d) rivers moving soil to the ocean shore

Which is NOT a form of erosion?
a) Rivers moving dirt
b) Water running downhill, carving out the land and pushing dirt to the side
c) Fire burning large forest areas
d) Heavy winds blowing soil to other locations

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