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One function of T cells is to
a) recognize antigens
b) produce antibodies
c) make pathogens stick together
d) keep pathogens from attaching to body cells

A kind of white blood cell that destroys pathogens is a(n)
a) histamine
b) phagocyte
c) antibiotic
d) toxin

One reason the skin acts as a barrier against pathogens is because pathogens
a) are killed by oil and sweat
b) stick to the skin
c) are trapped inside the skin
d) form scabs

Which of the following is NOT one kind of pathogen
a) bacteria
b) virus
c) toxin
d) protist

HIV is spread by all of the following EXCEPT
a) by drug users sharing needles
b) from a pregnant mother to her baby during childbirth
c) by sexual contact
d) by shaking hands

When a person has an allergy his or her immune system is overly sensitive to a foreign substance called a(n)
a) allergen
b) pathogen
c) toxin
d) carcinogen

Which of the following diseases might you catch by sharing a water glass with another person
a) cancer
b) a cold
c) asthma
d) diabetes

People with diabetes may not have enough
a) antibodies
b) histamine
c) glucose
d) insulin

Cancer is a disease in which
a) cells stop multiplying
b) crab-shaped pathogens destroy cells
c) cells begin dying faster than they can be replaced
d) cells multiply uncontrollably

All of the following are carcinogens EXCEPT
a) cigarette smoking
b) ultraviolet light
c) pollen
d) asbestos

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