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How does the author create a feeling of suspense in this text?
a) By emphasizing Lisa's growing nervousness and keeping the reader in a state of uncertainty about Lisa's character
b) By emphasizing Pizmo's confidence in Lisa's character
c) By emphasizing the reader's role in the story
d) By emphasizing the need for Lisa to tell the truth to Pizmo and the OneThing Company

As Lisa goes to meet Pizmo in Lab 302, she feels herself growing nervous. What does she wonder about Pizmo as she nears the lab?
a) Lisa wonders if Pizmo is a spy like her
b) Lisa wonders if Pizmo is working for another competitor of OneThing
c) Lisa wonders if Pizmo will be able to tell who she really is
d) LIsa wonders if Pizmo is on the TV show Undercover Boss

Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. Most people tend to tell a few small fibs during the lie detector test. ______, Lisa's results were unusually uniform.
a) For example,
b) However,
c) Because,
d) Therefore,

The author does not reveal to the reader who Lisa really is until the end of the story. Why might the author have waited till the end of the story to share this information?
a) to make the reader dislike Lisa as a character
b) to make the reader feel curious about who Lisa really is
c) to make the reader feel sympathetic towards Pizmo
d) to show the reader why it can be dangerous to lie

What is the main idea of this story?
a) A corporate spy pretends to be a student intern at OneThing and worries about keeping her true identity a secret.
b) A corporate spy from the company OneThing prepares for a dangerous mission
c) A student intern at One Thing learns it can be dangerous to lie
d) A student intern joins the company OneThing and begins working with the company's president

The tone of a story is the general mood or atmosphere of the story. How could the tone of this story best be described?
a) Formal and Stiff
b) Calm and Relaxed
c) Tense and Mysterious
d) Cheerful and Light

Read these sentences. Pizmo nodded I know that you had to do alot of security tests before we could let you start. I want to talk to you about the lie detector results. Yes? Lisa asked. Her heart was pounding. Based on these lines, how does Lisa feel
a) Annoyed
b) Relaxed
c) Excited
d) Anxious

Read a Dangerous Game. What motivates Lisa to pretend to be a student intern at One Thing?
a) She wants to steal designs and prototypes from One Thing
b) She wants to become friends with Pizmo
c) She wants to explore the OneThing headquarters
d) She wants to learn about science and technology

Read A Dangerous Game. Lisa is pretending to be a student intern at One Thing. Who does she actually work for?
a) One of One Thing's closest partners
b) Her own company
c) One of One Thing's biggest competitors
d) A Government spy agency

Who is the protagonist in this story?
a) Pizmo
b) Lisa
c) OneThing
d) Mrs. Ogden

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