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a series of related incidents build toward the point of greatest interest
a) conflict
b) rising action
c) climax
d) climax

location where the action takes place, time period
a) area
b) place
c) setting
d) resolution

term refering to a narrative
a) story arc
b) exposition
c) setting
d) climax

a plan, purpose, story
a) story arc
b) Plot
c) climax
d) conflict

definition, symbol, direct and specific meaning
a) climax
b) plot
c) Denotation
d) Story arc

struggle, a clash between two opposing groups
a) fight
b) conflict
c) climax
d) struggle

turning point,
a) climax
b) conflict

solution, solving of conflict
a) Vexations
b) Sojourn
c) Resolution
d) Sentimentally

illegal, improper, inappropriate
a) appropriate
b) illicitly
c) legal
d) proper

emotional, nostalgic, tender, romantic, corny
a) Vexations
b) sojourn
c) sentimentalitly

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