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south, clam, appease, satify
a) hippie
b) sneak
c) vague
d) Assuaged

hint, a reference to something that is supposed to be known
a) allusion
b) ambled
c) optimism
d) vague

adventure, heoic act, feat used to the greatest possible advantage
a) hero
b) exploits

the stuff of which something is made
a) Material
b) items
c) adventure
d) heroic

nourshment, food, support
a) pamper
b) sustenance
c) spoils
d) materials

act of sharing
a) caring
b) union
c) communion
d) material

pamper too much, excessive indugence
a) rich kid problems
b) exploits
c) spoils
d) materials

sick, unhealthy, bad, hostile
a) threat
b) ills
c) virus
d) idoit

interference, distraaction, interuption
a) the purge
b) the disturbance
c) the pie
d) the life

slow walk , stroll
a) ambled
b) vague

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