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Why did Max give Liesel “The Standover Man”?
a) He felt guilty for not knowing her birthday
b) He was curious as to how well she could read
c) He wanted her to learn more about him
d) He wanted to make sure she kept reading

How did Max create “The Standover Man” for Liesel?
a) He drew pictures on torn drop cloths
b) He painted over pages in Mein Kampf
c) He painted over Nazi flags
d) He used bristles from paintbrushes

Death does not like mystery, so he tells us someone dies, but he doesn't tell us how. Who is it?
a) Max
b) Hans
c) Liesel
d) Rudy

Max asks Liesel for a haircut, rather than Rosa or Hans. What does this show about their relationship?
a) They are good friends now
b) They are still figuring one another out
c) He is wary of Liesel's blabbermouth
d) They are enemies, but pretend to be friends

What secret does Liesel want to tell the Mayor's wife?
a) “My momma hits me”
b) “There's a Jew in my basement”
c) “I hate the Fuhrer”
d) “I just learned how to read”

Max asked Liesel to tell him what this looked like, since he could not see it.
a) The food
b) The weather
c) Her house
d) Her face

What did the Mayor's wife give Liesel that felt like a betrayal?
a) A few books; she felt bad for Liesel
b) A letter of eviction; she found out about Max
c) An envelope of money; she was firing Rosa
d) A flute; she knew about Hans's cowardliness

Who got into trouble in the Hitler Youth group for not following directions? Why?
a) Rudy; he tripped on a branch
b) Ludwig; he pushed the guy in front
c) Tommy; he had hearing problems
d) Liesel; she yelled at the leader

Who was the new leader of the apple stealing group? How did he treat Liesel?
a) Arthur Berg; kindly, letting her being 2nd in command
b) Viktor Chemmel; rudely, calling her a whore
c) Andy Schmeikl; teasingly for beating Ludwig
d) Rudy Steiner; proudly since he was her friend

Liesel peeked at Max's latest drawings, and said it scared her. What was it?
a) A pile of dead bodies
b) A giant raven with large wings
c) Liesel turned into a Nazi
d) Books burning

After being covered in cow manure, Rudy said he needed a win, so Liesel and him decided to steal something. Where did they go and what did they steal?
a) The mayor's house; The Whistler
b) Viktor Chemmel's; pants
c) Frau Diller's; candy
d) The farmer's house; apples

What became official on October 1941 as stated by Rudy?
a) Rudy and Liesel were a couple
b) World War II
c) Liesel's title as the book thief
d) The Hubermann's were poor

Rudy stole from the grocery the biggest potato of them all. How did he get out of being arrested?
a) He ran quickly into a crowd
b) He went back and paid for it
c) He actually didn't steal at all
d) His teacher defended him

What question did Franz Deutscher repeatedly ask Rudy that he deliberately answered wrong, resulting in many beatings?
a) How do you like me now?
b) Who is the greatest country?
c) When was the Fuhrer born?
d) When are you going to give up?

Viktor tossed Liesel's book into the river, and Rudy rescued it, staying in the river longer than necessary. Why?
a) It was his first time successfully swimming
b) He was afraid to come out and face Viktor
c) It was the first time in a long time he felt victorious
d) He stayed in the water until Liesel would kiss him.

How did Liesel react to the mayor's wife firing Rosa? What did she do? How does this show bravery?
a) Short Answer Question!

How is the Power of Words seen in these chapters? Give an example, and explain.
a) Short Answer Question!

Why do you think Rudy is always asking Liesel for a kiss? Will he ever receive it?
a) Short Answer Questions

Max is constantly imagining defeating the Fuhrer in many ways. Explain one way how he imagines this from Part 4 5.
a) Short Answer Question!

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