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What is the electron configuration of a sulfur atom in ground state?
a) a) 2-4
b) b) 2-6
c) c) 2-8-4
d) d) 2-8-6

Which particle has a mass which is approximately 1/2000 that of a proton?
a) a) neutron
b) b) electron
c) c) alpha particle
d) d) proton

What does an electron cloud (wave mechanical model )represent in an atom?
a) a) Most probable locations of nucleus in the atom.
b) b) Most probable locations of neutrons in the atom.
c) c) Most probable locations of electrons in the atom.
d) d) Most probable locations of protons in the atom.

What is the maximum number of electrons at the 2nd energy level?
a) 2
b) 18
c) 8
d) 32

How would you find the number of neutrons in an atom?
a) a) Add the numebr of protons and electrons together.
b) b) Subtract its atomic number from the mass number.
c) c) Subtract its mass number from the atomic number.
d) d) Add the number of electrons and the atomic number together.

What happens when electrons absob energy?
a) a) Stay in the same energy level
b) b) Move to a lower energy level
c) c) Move randomly to a higher or a lower energy level
d) d) Move to a higher energy level

Which of the following is an empirical formula?
a) a) H2O2
b) b) N2O
c) c) C2H4
d) d) P4O10

What is the percent composition of each element in magnesium chloride?
a) a) 50% Mg, 50% Cl
b) b) 59% Mg, 41% Cl
c) c) 42% Mg, 58% Cl
d) d) 26% Mg, 74% Cl

How many moles of CO2 are produced when 4 moles of C3H8 react? C3H8 + 5 O2 ---- 3 CO2 + 4 H2O
a) 12
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

How many moles of O2 are produced when 1.25 moles of Ni(ClO3)2 decompose? Ni(ClO3)2 ---- NiCl2 + 3 O2
a) a) 3.75
b) b) 4.5
c) c) 6
d) d) 10

A mixture which the composition is not uniform throughout, for example sand and water, is considered
a) a) heterogenous
b) b) compound
c) c) homogenous
d) d) element

Given 4 HCl (l) + O2 (g) -- 2H2O (l) + 2 Cl2 (g) + 113 kJ which action will favor the reverse reaction?
a) a) increase the system\'s temperature
b) b) decrease the pressure
c) c) increase the pressure
d) d) increase the oxygen concentration

Given NO2 (g) + CO(g) -- NO(g) + CO2(g) what action will shift the reaction to the LEFT?
a) a) pumping CO gas into the closed flask
b) b) removing some CO2 gas from the flask
c) c) increasing the NO concentration in the flask
d) d) raising the total pressure inside the flask

An atom of potassium-37 and an atom of potassium-42 differ in their total number of
a) a) electrons
b) b) protons
c) c) neutrons
d) d) positrons

What is the mass number of an atom that has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 8 neutrons
a) a) 6
b) b) 12
c) c) 14
d) d) 20

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