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1.What is family?
a) A. Family is the one who love you
b) B. Family is caring
c) C. Family all together
d) D. None of the above

2.Who are the people talking in the story?
a) A .Mother
b) B. Father
c) C. Brother
d) D. Family

3.What is the main story of the poem?
a) A . About the family
b) B. About religion
c) C. About society
d) D. About the universe

4.Did you love your father and mother?
a) A . yes
b) B. no
c) C .maybe
d) D. none of the above

5.Who’s your love most in the family?
a) A. Mother
b) B. Father
c) C. Brother
d) D. all of the above

6.Who is the foundation of the family?
a) A. Father
b) B. Mother
c) C. Sister
d) D. Brother

7.Who is the light of the family?
a) A. Sister
b) B. Brother
c) C. Mother
d) D. Father

8.What is the type of the family you have?
a) A .lovable
b) B. Rich
c) C. poor
d) D. caring

9.How many siblings are you in the family?
a) A.2
b) B.3
c) C.4
d) D.5

10.Who are you in the family?
a) A. A brother
b) B. A sister
c) C. A mother
d) D. A father

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