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Below is a preview of the questions contained within the game titled TUKO, THE TENOR WANNA BE: Tuko Once Went To The Opera Where He Heard The Great Tabibili Sing. Ever Since, Tuko Wanted To Be A Singing Star. He Believed He Could Be A Great Tenor. (Have Pupils Predict: What Do You Think Will Tuko Do Next?) He Went To Music School And Had Voice L .To play games using this data set, follow the directions below. Good luck and have fun. Enjoy! [print these questions]

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1. What did Tuko want to be?
a) a. Dancer
b) b. Writer
c) c. Singer
d) d. Driver

2. What did Tuko do to fulfill his dream?
a) a. He joins in opera house
b) b. He stops in studying
c) c. He join in workshops
d) d. He go to abroad

3. What did his mother and friends tell him?
a) a. He stops performing
b) b. He continue his dream
c) c. He lived their house
d) d . He work abroad

4. How do you think Tuko felt when everyone else told him that he cannot be a singing star?
a) a. Happy
b) b. Scared
c) c. Sad
d) d. Angry

5. How will you feel if your family and friends tell you cannot be what you want to be?
a) a. Surprised
b) b. Depressed
c) c. Disappointed
d) d. Happy

6. Did Tuko listen to those who told him that he cannot be a singing star?
a) a. Yes
b) b. No
c) c. Maybe
d) d. Always

7. If you were Tuko, would you listen or not listen to them? Why?
a) a. Yes, because they know what is right
b) b. Maybe, because I wanted to
c) c. No, because I want to achieve my dream
d) d. None of the above

8. What did Tuko do when he did not listen to them?
a) a. He practice and practice
b) b. He apply for work
c) c. Nothing
d) d. He stops his dream

9. What happened during Tuko’s recital?
a) a. Everyone giggled
b) b. All of them gave him around of applause
c) c. Someone invite him to an event
d) d. Nothing

10. Why did the audience go away?
a) a. There’s a fire
b) b. They critized him
c) c. They don’t like the show
d) d. Because they wanted to go early

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