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1. Where will Dindo and his mother go?
a) a. to Laguna
b) b. to Bulacan
c) c. to Pampanga
d) d. to Bicol

2. What will they do in the province?
a) a. visit Lola Ela
b) b. attend a wedding
c) c. attend a birthday party
d) d. celebrating a town fiesta

3. Who is his cousin?
a) a. Jerry
b) b. Ernie
c) c. Anton
d) d. Mark

4. What did he give Lola Ela?
a) a. biscuits and Milo
b) b. cookies and milk
c) c. bread and cheese
d) d. coffee and bread

5. Who is Kiko ?
a) a. his cousin
b) b. the tadpole
c) c. his new friend
d) d. his uncle

6. Who were his aunt and uncle?
a) a. Aunt Lina and Uncle Lito
b) b. Auntie Lisa and Uncle Ross
c) c.Aunt Joan and Uncle Paul
d) d. Aunt Betty and Uncle Ernie

7. What did they feel when they saw Dindo?
a) a. happy
b) b. sad
c) c. angry
d) d. disappointed

8. Who did he see when he went to the lanyard?
a) a. Lance
b) b. Jerry
c) c. Tom
d) d. Lito

9. What did they play with?
a) a. tadpole
b) b. cat
c) c. dog
d) d. hamster

10. What did Dindo tell his mother after playing with Jerry?
a) a. I have a new friend.
b) b. I hate him.
c) c. He is my cousin
d) d. I have a new enemy.

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